Subject of Site

Our blog spot covers two areas of great human interest – science as in social sciences and Society. Both these topics have wide scope and scale and it is our endeavor to bring to our readers every facet of these two subjects.

It is true that there are many other blog sites that cover these subjects but what sets us apart from them is how we look at our niche. We do not treat them as two separate entities; instead we take a holistic view of social sciences and society. For example for the social sciences category, we take an in-depth look at the different branches of this subject and go into their detailed analysis. These include anthropology, history, geography, economics, psychology, law and political science amongst others.

All blogs in these areas are presented by dedicated writers who are well qualified and experienced in their respective fields. This ensures that the blogs on our site are highly academic in nature, of the highest quality and can be completely relied upon for news, information and updates on the respective subjects. Further, all blogs are double checked by our team for authenticity before publication on our site.

So far as the niche of Society is concerned we report and look into various events that are happening around the world – royal weddings and the lifestyle of the rich and famous are some examples in this regard. We make it a point to bring to our readers updates as they happen almost on real time basis. Thus there is never a dull moment for visitors to our site.

We also follow an interactive approach and this is something unique and exclusive to We welcome professionals and experts in the fields that we cover to write-in to us and submit blogs in their areas of expertise. There are no restrictions on the topic chosen so long as it pertains to Science/Social Sciences and Society. Blogs can be on a specific aspect or generic in nature. For example, a blog can either take an overview of all the branches that constitute the wide canvas of Social Sciences or make an in-depth analysis of any one of them.

Our only stipulation is that all write-ups should be original unpublished pieces. Images, infographics or photographs may be embedded to increase visual appeal. We reserve the right to make modifications to the blog if necessary.

We will inform contributors through email once the blogs are published on our site.